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Creating Brighter Futures by Preserving Existing Housing and Encouraging Home Ownership

Southeastern Housing & Community Development (SHCD) is a non-profit foundation formed in 1976 to create quality, safe, and affordable housing opportunities. Reorganized in 1997, SHCD works in partnership with SC Regional Housing Authority No. 3 to transform renters into homeowners through the Homeownership Program. In addition, SHCD owns more than 600 multi-family housing units, which are managed by SC Regional Housing Authority No. 3. Utilizing state and federal resources, SHCD has recently renovated these units into new, quality housing for residents.

In partnership with SC Regional Housing Authority No. 3, SHCD has become a major force to both modernize older public housing units as well as take responsibility for developing new rental housing. Through purchasing older housing complexes, SHCD has utilized state and federal grants to renovate more than 460 units of 1970’s era housing. As a housing developer, SHCD is working to develop large projects across the state to alleviate critical shortages in affordable single, multi-family, and senior housing.

Southeastern Housing & Community Development currently operates 476 subsidized units and 233 non-subsidized (private sector) units. These units range from a high-rise apartment building to row townhouses to duplexes. Bedroom sizes range from one to as many as four bedroom apartments.

Subsidized Units
In order to be admitted into a SHCD subsidized unit, an applicant must meet the same five eligibility requirements as an applicant applying for admission in a Public Housing unit. Those five eligibility requirements are summarized below.

Applicant must qualify as a family

Annual gross income must be within Income Limits
Applicant must be suitable for housing in accordance with HUD regulations
Citizenship or eligible immigrant status must be met
Required consent documents must be signed

For more detailed information on these eligibility requirements, see the Public Housing section of this web site.