10938 Ellenton Street

Barnwell, SC 29812

The South Carolina Regional Housing Authority No.3 homeownership program is established to facilitate families' ability to successfully obtain and maintain affordable home ownership in a safe, sanitary manner. The program utilizes local, state and national sources in order to maximize benefits for all of its qualified participants. In so doing, the program is established to provide opportunities for eligible families who ordinarily could not afford to buy their own homes to do so. As a pre-requisite to the purchase of a home, the program offers to all applicants, home buyer educational programs designed to assist with credit counseling, pre-homeownership needs, the credit application process and post purchase needs and requirements.
In response to the recent credit crisis, the homeownership program has most recently partnered with, The South Carolina Foreclosure Task Force, in order to provide all citizens a solid source of information and conduit to preserving affordable housing in the eleven county service area. These services have proven invaluable, to the many families, facing uncertainty in their housing needs.

The homeownership program is dedicated and committed to be visionary, creative and open to change, in order to improve our knowledge and ability to serve our community needs in providing affordable, safe, decent homeownership opportunities, to all of its residents