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South Carolina
Regional Housing Authority #3

P. O. Box 1326
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-3588

Creating Brighter Futures by Preserving Existing Housing and Encouraging Home Ownership

Southeastern Housing Foundation (SHF) is a non-profit foundation formed in 1976 to create quality, safe, and affordable housing opportunities. Reorganized in 1997, SHF works in partnership with SC Regional Housing Authority No. 3 to transform renters into homeowners through the Homeownership Program. In addition, SHF owns more than 600 multi-family housing units, which are managed by SC Regional Housing Authority No. 3. Utilizing state and federal resources, SHF has recently renovated these units into new, quality housing for residents.

In partnership with SC Regional Housing Authority No. 3, SHF has become a major force to both modernize older public housing units as well as take responsibility for developing new rental housing. Through purchasing older housing complexes, SHF has utilized state and federal grants to renovate more than 460 units of 1970ís era housing. As a housing developer, SHF is working to develop large projects across the state to alleviate critical shortages in affordable single, multi-family, and senior housing.

Southeastern Housing Foundation currently operates 476 subsidized units and 233 non-subsidized (private sector) units. These units range from a high-rise apartment building to row townhouses to duplexes. Bedroom sizes range from one to as many as four bedroom apartments.

Subsidized Units
In order to be admitted into a SHF subsidized unit, an applicant must meet the same five eligibility requirements as an applicant applying for admission in a Public Housing unit. Those five eligibility requirements are summarized below.

  • Applicant must qualify as a family
  • Annual gross income must be within Income Limits
  • Applicant must be suitable for housing in accordance with HUD regulations
  • Citizenship or eligible immigrant status must be met
  • Required consent documents must be signed

For more detailed information on these eligibility requirements, see the Public Housing section of this web site.
Subsidized Units
Development Address Units
Allendale (Oakland) 1885 Bluff Road, Allendale 30
Bamberg Villa Sparrow Ct./Hawk Ct., Bamgerg 60
Barnwell Arms 185 Thomas Street, Barnwell 50
Blackville (Hampton) Hampton Avenue, Blackville 36
Branchville Villa Branchvilla Lane, Branchville 24
Denmark Gardens Mimosa St./Sandifer St., Denmark 40
Estill 210 Grayson Street, Estill 35
Fairfax (Boundary) Boundry Street, Fairfax 24
Hampton Gardens 911 West Holly Street, Hampton 50
Holly Hill Cribb Street, Holly Hill 35
North Palmetto Drive, North 36


How to Apply
To apply for a subsidized housing unit a family must first complete a preliminary application form, which is designed to gather basic information and establish any preferences to which the family may be entitled. Preliminary application forms are taken on Mondays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Southeastern Housing Foundation’s Ellenton Street office, 10938 Ellenton St., Barnwell, SC 29812. To have a preliminary application form mailed to you, please call (800) 922-5504.

Waiting List
After completing a preliminary application and determined to be eligible for a subsidized unit, the applicant family's name is placed on a waiting list. Factors such as local preferences, bedroom sizes required; and application dates are used to determine movement to the top of the waiting list.

When a family appears to be nearing the top of the waiting list, the family will be invited to an interview and the verification process will begin. If the family is still determined to be eligible for subsidized housing, the family will complete a full application, present Social Security number and citizenship/eligible immigrant documentation, and sign Consent for Release of Information forms.

Non-Subsidized Units
These units operate like any other unit in the private sector. While there are no income limit requirements, applicants must still be considered suitable for occupancy and sign all required consent documents, including a formal lease agreement. A criminal background check and credit profile is also obtained on the applicant. If an applicant's criminal background check reveals a history of interfering with the health, safety, or well being of other residents, participating in drug-related criminal activity, or engaging in violent criminal behavior, applications for housing may be denied. Housing may also be denied for applicants with poor credit scores.

Deer Run Development
The Deer Run development consists of both subsidized and non-subsidized rental units. Of the 48 units under management, 20 are earmarked for assistance through the USDA Rural Development office. Applicants applying for admission into one of the 20 assisted units cannot have annual gross income that exceeds the Income Limits set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). All other rules related to admission into non-subsidized housing still apply to these special units. For more information about the USDA Rural Development program, visit

Non-Subsidized Units
Development Address Units
Beech Island Oliver Dr./Old Trail Rd./Urquhart St., Beech Island 30
Deer Run Walsh Drive, Hardeeville 48
Landmark Towers 215 Doyle Street, Orangeburg 46
Moncks Corner Duplex 403 Gulledge Street, Moncks Corner 2
Springside Apartments 785 University Parkway, Aiken 40
University Apartments 1489 University Parkway, Aiken 45

How to Apply
To apply for a non-subsidized housing unit a family must complete an application form for the development in which they wish to live. This form is designed to gather basic information from the applicant such as the number of family members who will be living in the unit, employment status, and credit references. Application forms are available for pickup or completion at Southeastern Housing Foundation’s Ellenton Street office, 10938 Ellenton St., Barnwell, SC 29812 or by calling (800) 922-5504.

If an applicant meets the suitability requirements and a unit is currently not available for occupancy, the applicant's name is placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is maintained on a first come, first serve basis.

All inquiries about Southeastern Housing Foundation should be addressed to:

Southeastern Housing Foundation
PO Box 1326
Barnwell, SC 29812
Phone: (803) 259-3588
Toll Free: (800) 922-5504
Fax: (803) 259-9200

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